FBackup – The Best Free Windows Backup Software (Don’t Lose Your Data Anyhow)

Hacking and data lose are much interlinked with each other and both are very bothered for anyone. Conversely, system corruption is another wounding thing that let you mutilation all existed data i.e media file, documents, etc. There is no ultimate solution, which gives 100% guarantee against those harmful things i.e hacking, system corruption, etc. but you can do something so that you can protect your data or be ready to get them back after losing.

Out of those methods, Windows back software is the easiest and useful thing which could help you to get your lost data within a few moments. However, choosing of best Windows backup software is much difficult. So, to help you, today I am going to introduce FBackup, which is downloadable at free of cost and available for Windows 8, 7, Vista, XP, 2008/2003/2000 server (32 & 64-bit). It can create a perfect backup file of almost everything that your computer has.

Key features of FBackup?

Though so many features belong to this Windows backup software but here are the most useful features’ names;

Actual backup:

As it is very much accurate in terms of creating backup file that you have selected, most of the people have been using it for a long while. You don’t have to check your backup file if it did factually or not since it is almost 100% correct by default.

Schedule backup:

It has the option by which you can backup your files manually when you can also choose the frequency of creating backup. For example, you can create backup in daily, weekly or monthly basis. After choosing any of them, you can also specify the actual time.


Windows Backup Software

Sometime we create backup of our existed files without putting any password. I would not recommend it anyhow since your backup file is nothing except a strong password. FBackup is the perfect Windows backup software that will help you to encrypt your backup file with your custom password.

How to create backup using this Windows backup software?

This is however very easy and not yet so time spender. At first download Fbackup and open it. Then choose backup and go forward.

Windows Backup Software

After that, select folders or files to backup.

Windows Backup Software

You will therefore get all those options by which you can select the frequency, schedule and password.

It takes less than 30 seconds (Depends on the size of your selected files/folders) to complete the entire procedure.

That’s it! Hope Fbackup would help you a lot to protect yourself from data lose.

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