How to Recover Deleted Files from Hard Disk or Flash Drive

Everyone can obliterate files but can everyone recover deleted files? I think you will vacillate when an analogous question is asked by someone else. Isn’t it? However, now a days, it is pretty much tranquil since there are so many tools.

This is a conjoint trouble what happens with almost everyone. We unintentionally delete our most significant file without having any care. After removing them, we become afflicted; hence we cannot try to get them back. Nevertheless, here is a trick which will help you to recover deleted files from your hard disk or from your flash drive or from SD-card.

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Is it really possible to recover deleted files?

Yes, it is feasible as the only delete option doesn’t erase a file from your hard disk or anywhere else. Suppose, you have a 16GB pen drive, and as usual, you can use 15.70GB or like that memory of your pen drive. You have put almost 15GB data in your pen drive that includes music, video, etc. I am a bit sure that you will delete some of those files if you would have to put another 2GB file in that same pen drive. So, when you remove some files from pen drive, it will be detached from there.

Normal guys think that they have totally deleted them. Even so, no, you cannot delete them enduringly until or unless your system does. Your pen drive just makes some space and acquaints your system that it has some memory to carry other files. Those previously deleted files will be completely expunged from that pen drive when you full erased space with other files.

In this way, anyone can recover deleted files which someone did recently. There is a very low chance to get old files.

How to recover deleted files?

This is quite easy with Recuva. It supports most of the Windows operating system like Windows 8/7/Vista/XP and 2000. Recuva is the best in terms of simplicity and accessibility. It takes a few moments to complete entire procedure.

Recover Deleted Files using Recuva

Just download it and install it on your system. After opening it, select a drive and start scanning.

Recover Deleted Files using Recuva

As a result, you might get a screen something like the following screen.

Recover Deleted Files using Recuva

Select a file and click the Recover button.

That’s it! You have almost got your accidentally deleted files.

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