3 Photoshop Tutorials for Beginners to Start Professional Photo Editing

No doubt Photoshop is a brilliant photo editor for professionals which is available for Windows and Mac. Today I am going to give you some tips those are very helpful (Was very helpful for me too) for any beginner and pro as well.

Set up Auto-save in CS6:

This is, however, very helpful who are suffering from problems due to power cut Apart from Photoshop CS6, this feature is unavailable on other versions like CS3, etc. This is one of the best new features (By ignoring 3d) that I would like most.

The set-up is very easy. By default, it is almost activated. Just navigate to File >> Preferences >> File Handling. Then you can find a screen something like the following window. Just select a time from the drop-down menu and make sure your changes.

Set up Auto-save in CS6

Create a picture with transparent background:

Selecting of a transparent background is not yet so difficult in Photoshop. However, it becomes pretty much tough when you go to create your logo with a transparent background which has a rare color. You cannot choose the exact color in Photoshop as your site background. So, it is very important to create your logo in transparent background, and it also saves some memory.

So, here is a trick that will let you create a great logo, and this is quite tricky too. Just create a layer and full it with white. Then make another layer and design your logo over this. After designing everything in your logo, open all layers and delete the background.

Create a picture with transparent background

It will be a logo with transparent background.

Remove image background:

This is another great trick. Open an image on Photoshop and select either Quick Selection Tool or Magic Wand Tool from the left pane. Then click on a part of your image that you want to remove and after that press the delete button.

Video: Remove Image Background

That’s it! Hope all those above tricks will be helpful for you.

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