Top 5 Online and Offline Tools to Edit PDF File

You know that PDF is the most secure file format whereas it could be dwindling by password and grim to edit as well. You can open a .doc easily over internet when you should have a great and reliable application to open and edit PDF file.

How to edit PDF file?


PDFescape is one of the best tools which works online and has all those competences what a PDF editor should have. You can easily create and edit PDF file within moments. They believe on straightforwardness and that’s why it comes with less options but each of them is very useful. Anyway, let’s get started with this. At first go to the homepage of PDFescape and click the Edit Your PDF Now button. After that, you have to choose Upload PDF to PDFescape in order to edit your file and upload it.


As per the mention, you can do only a few things including add text, free hand drawing, embed image/link etc. Therefore, press the Save Document button from your left pane to save and download edited file to your PC.

PDFFill PDF Editor:

PDFFill PDF Editor is another great app which works offline and obtainable for almost every versions of Windows. Though I have tested it on Widows 7 Ultimate 64bit machine but I am sure that it supports almost every versions like Windows 8/Vista etc.

You can add text box, sticky note, Popup note box, various shapes including cloud, polygon and so on. On other end, it also helps you to add watermark (Text & Image), Java Script etc. just use drag & drop technique to start editing your PDF file with this tool.



PDF24 is something different from other regular PDF file editors. Other editors edit PDF file to make it more attractive by adding some text, link image etc. when you can almost create a new PDF file over an existing one. Just drop your file on this tool and start editing.

You can add page, text on that page etc. by making use PDF24.

Nitro PDF or Nitro Pro:

Nitro PDF or Nitro Pro

Nitro PDF is a paid app and trial version is available as well. It looks like WordPad but works like a professional editor. You can add text like PDFescape, custom image; rearrange the paragraph, Javascript etc. This is my favorite tool since you can edit every word, font and font size. After opening a PDF file, it feels like a normal text editor.

Foxit Advanced PDF Editor:

This is just like Nitro PDF editor in terms of features. I mean you can also erase a particular word and vice versa. On other end, it is also possible to free hand drawing, crop the file screen. Adding of hyperlinks, commenting are there in this PDF file editor.

The most helpful feature is the tracking tool. Whenever someone edits anything through this software, he/she will have to add his/her name by which you can track the person who has edited your file in your absence.

These are the most common software those are easily available. There are also some tricks to edit PDF file. For example, you can use Acrobat XI. Or you can convert PDF file in Word document to edit and then again convert .doc file in PDF.

That’s all!

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