How to Send Large File Easily over Internet

You know that “Sharing” is one of the best things that someone ever did. But the problem occurs when it comes to send a large file to someone. You shouldn’t believe on every service on the internet because of hacking and data loss. You might fall in trouble by making use of any third party service when sharing. So, to solve this problem, here is some info about top 5 services to send large file.

How to send large file?


You know that Dropbox is one of the best cloud storage services which gives some free memory on each sign up. Though everyone uses it for creating a backup of their important files but you can use it to send large file from being tricked. Just upload your file to there and get the link to that file by pressing the share button. Then share the link to give your friend an opportunity to download your file.

Google Drive:

If you are a daily reader of this blog, I am sure that you have read the article where I have compared top 3 cloud storage providers. I gave Google Drive a lot of priority since its security. Alike Dropbox and other cloud storage providers, it also gives some free memory and you can use that memory to share files or even host your small site. Just upload a file and click the Share button after selecting a file. Then you will get a link. Just share it and make sure that you have made it Public on the Web. If you have chosen Private then everyone will get the following screen when he/she will go to download that file.

It’s secure if you have to send it to particular person.


AnySend is one of the best tools to send large file over internet. There are two kinds of facilities. Either you can use the web version which lets you send files up to 100MB or you can use the desktop application which could send unlimited MB of memory to anyone. Go to the Website of AnySend and choose one option out there. I would recommend you to use the web version since it is very easy to use. Just upload your file there and allow it for a few moments for doing so. You will therefore get a link for your file to download. Share and let your friend download your file.

Send Large File Easily

Transfer Big Files:

Transfer Big Files is another great service for sharing large files over internet. This is partially a free service. You can send 20GB for free and each file should be less than 100MB.apart from this, you ought to upgrade your plan according to the following pricing.

Transfer Big Files

On other end, sending of files through Transfer Big Files is very easy. 1. Just upload your file/folder 2. Enter email ID 3. Send it.


If you need simplicity, there is no alternative to DropSend. Just go to the website of Dropsend and fill up the form from the left pane which is looking like the following one;

Transfer Big Files

The free version sends obtainable for 2 GB of memory and 5 per month. If you need more space, you can upgrade your plan to Basic, Standard, Pro or Business. Check the pricing by hitting this link.

You can also download it on your iPhone if you are using iOS 5.1 or later version.

Send Large File Easily

There are also so many sites like SendThisFile or Wetransfer to send large file over internet. You can also make use of them but we always recommend anyone from this above mentioned tools.

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