Microsoft Security Essentials – Best Free Malware Detector for Windows

In these present days when hacking is a major harmful phenomenon through which someone could gain access over your admin rights, you should use a strong spyware protector on your system so that it may kick those unwanted things. Although any spyware or malware detector cannot guarantee to give 100% protection but you should choose the best one out there to get maximum security.

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At this situation, Microsoft Security Essentials is a good option/choice for anybody who doesn’t wish to spend dollars for a security tool. On other end, there is also no guarantee for getting 100% protection from a premium security application since everyday a new bug is being discovered. I have been using this free malware detector for a long while on my PC and I have not faced any problem i.e. suspicious activity on my PC till now.

Microsoft Security Essentials

So, now I think it should be better to let you know more about its popularity. There are also so many security experts who consider Microsoft Security Essentials for professional and public use.

Get known about Microsoft Security Essentials:

It comes with very less option as compared to other Antivirus like KasperSky, AVG, Comodo etc. It also scans file/folders from right-click context menu and custom file/folder as well.

Microsoft Security Essentials

The method of updating is pretty easy which could be processed by just pressing Update button. Therefore, you can also get a brief history of your previous scan results. In the Settings arena, it offers scheduled scan, default actions, real-time protection etc.

You know that there are some tools which are being detected as malware in anti-spyware eye when they are not. You can exclude those files from the scan when it comes to Full System Scan.

There are also some important features which could solve your daily problem but you have to use it to know more about them.

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