Last Update (03/28/2014): We have stopped accepting guest post.

Versed Tech is one of few popular technology blog from India which is covered with so many tips and tricks of Android, Windows, Web Apps, WordPress and more others. Generally, VersedTech.Org provides daily lifehacks those might aid you to solve your daily problem. Now Versed Tech is ready to accept guest posts from you. Check these following common question and answer.

Due to a high number of guest post submission, we stopped accepting guest posts which are marked as free.

Topic on which you can write a post:-

We have recently changed topics for guest bloggers. If you really want to submit your guest post for Versed Tech, you should write your article on following topics;

  • MAC OS X tips /tricks
  • iPhone, iPad tips /tricks
  • Android App review
  • Latest gadgets review
  • Windows 8 tips /tricks
  • Internet tricks on latest topics

Which topic is not acceptable as a guest post?

  • Article about WordPress or Blogging Tips.
  • Old mobile apps
  • Hacking
  • Cyber Crime

Guest  Blogging guidelines:-

Here are some policies which are must to follow by you while writing a guest post for us.

  • Your post must be unique.
  • You are requested to check your article whether it is almost in your blog or not.
  • If your article was published in any other blog previously, your post will be rejected.
  • We expect minimum 500 words from each of your articles. Try to complete your article within 1500 words.
  • Don’t add any kind of outbound links such as affiliate link, your blog link or any other links. If you write on software, you must have to enter the proper download link.
  • Don’t copy image from any other blog and an related image is must. But if you will not find any image for corresponding article, do mention it in the last line of your post.

Your credit from us:-

You will get two backlink [rel=”dofollow”] to your website. [But you will not get any backlink if your site is blacklisted by Google] Alternatively, if you are very much active in social media sites, you can also get linked to your social media profiles.

How To submit guest posts?

The method looks very easy. As our blog uses an extra security layer, we don’t give the permission to register to our blog as a contributor. You can send your post at webmaster@versedtech.org. You are requested to send your social profile id with your post. [There is no need to send an email with only your bio.]

For any other information, you can contact with us via this below contact form.

* indicates required field

In case, if the above contact form will not work, you can drop an email at webmaster@versedtech.org.

What we can do with your article?

We have full rights to edit your guest article as well as we can enter our own links inside your post. But we will not change your link anyway.

What To Do After Submitting A Guest Post?

You should wait for up to 15 days to find your article on our blog. We will send an approve mail after publishing your article. Read some guest posts from here.