Share Files Quickly using CloudApp on Mac

When it comes to share any file from one Mac to any other Mac, you can get everything done within moments. However, when it comes to share the same file with anyone, you will have to upload that on any cloud storage like Google Drive, Dropbox etc. and create the sharing link to let others download your uploaded file. The whole process requires more bandwidth and it is pretty time consuming.Share Files Quickly using CloudApp on Mac

You know that there are several methods to share a file. For example, you can upload file to different social networking websites and give the link to other friends to let them download your files. To solve this problem, here is a free application for Mac OS X user, named CloudApp. It will help you to upload files without any cost to share with anyone.

Introducing CloudApp:

It is available on Mac App Store for OS X 10.7.3 and later versions. Anyone can use it because of it’s usability. You can upload any file including image and pdf with predefined keyboard shortcuts.

There are two different accounts you can use for CloudApp and those are named free and premium. Free account provides 10 daily uploads and each file should be less than 25MB of memory. On the other end, if you choose pro account, you can upload unlimited files but file size should be less than 250MB. You can also use custom domain to create sharing link.

There are two different plans for CloudApp. You can choose either monthly plan for testing purpose at $4.99/month or yearly plan at $44.99/year.

Share Files Quickly using CloudApp on Mac

How to share files using CloudApp?

This is however very easy and not yet much time spending. If you want to take screenshot and share that via CloudApp, you can use either keyboard shortcut (Shift+ Command + 5) or click the corresponding CloudApp button in menu bar and press the gear button and select Take Screenshot.

It takes only few seconds to complete upload process. After that, you can right click on the file and choose anyone between Copy Link, Copy Direct Link and Copy Download Link. A link will be copied in your clipboard and you can share that link with anyone.

If you want to upload a file like PDF, you can just right click on that file and select Upload to CloudApp.

Share Files Quickly using CloudApp on Mac

That’s all!

Keyboard Shortcuts:

Although you can change the default shortcuts, here are some of default hotkeys;

Control + Option + V : Upload Clipboard Content
Control + Option + C : Toggle Window
Shift + Command + 5 : Take Screenshot
Control + Option + R : External Apps
There are also few couple of features of this Mac application. You have to use it to know more about them.

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